2 + 1 Biggest Mistakes I Made Before 21 And What I Learned From Them

Tomorrow I am turning 21 and looking back to my journey it’s important that I reflect of my biggest mistakes/failures and see what I learned from them to improve and get to the next level faster, so this are my biggest mistakes before turning 21:

1.┬áNot listening to people who care about you: often when we are in tough situations we are emotional about the issue that we face and we have people who care about us “force us” to make the best decision in their opinion. What happens is that since they are pushing you to make the decision, regardless of if it’s the right thing or not, we don’t do it because we don’t want someone on top of us telling us that we should do this or that. What I learned is that we have to learn to distance ourselves from the problem and leave emotions out. Don’t take their judgemental tone seriously. Then take the decision weighing the pros and cons. We have to be humble enough to accept their recommendation even though their message wasn’t delivered in a more sensible way. Recently I had to eat my own ego and use a program for a project, that I swore to my father I’d never use😂

2. Not finishing things you started: Damn I have done this a lot. We start to learn a new skill/diet/language/whatever and after a couple weeks/moths we leave it. It’s crippling to think “what if I stuck with x” The thing I learned after thinking a lot is this: prioritize🔑 the most important things you should stick with: don’t stress because you didn’t stick with piano classes(I used to take them)because yes you could be better but that was always a hobby and It woudn’t have a big impact in your future. What would really made an impact for me is if I kept learning how to program in Java when I started at 16. Now I’d have 4-5 years of experience and that would be a lifechanging skill. So worry about sticking with habits and projects that will for sure bring you huge returns(health, skills) in the next 5,10, 20 or 30 years, instead of sticking with hobbies or timewasters(I have had a lot of those lol, read my post on “obsession for success” to learn how did I overcome them).

3. Don’t watch from the court and cheer the players, be the player🏆: For a long time I thought that talking on public or being seen wasn’t meant for me. I always used to have social media accounts without showing my face or anything. It took me years of observing people starting and growing channels and social media profiles from the ground up all the way to having hundreds of thousands of followers to realize that being just a fan doesn’t pay much. There is a lot of self-critizism you have to overcome but when you do, amazing things happen. Even if it’s only inspiring people to start themselves. Thanks to opening up and being seen I managed to meet my mentor Shawn and learned invaluable lessons.

I hope you looked into my mistakes and learned lessons and found a valuable insight that could help you in your life. Thank you for taking the time to read all this text! I’d LOVE to read about you in the comments: what has been one of your biggest mistakes and what have you learned from them.


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Arman Ananian