#75Hard Challenge

I’ve surpassed the first 30 days of the challenge and I must say it wasn’t easy and there is a lot to go yet!

I will update you guys with my progress over the days here, apart from my instagram posts.

Week 1:
– Started doing the outside workout literally outside with an eliptic, until it broke! So I started doing 45 minute walks, which were very hard!


The rules to passing the #75hard challenge everyday are:
– 1 Gallon of water(3.7 litres in my case, I usually do 8 x 0.5l bottles)
– 90 minutes of training, where at least 45 have to be outside.
– 10 pages of a non-fiction book.
– Daily progress pic of the body.
– No cheat meals, to follow your diet: In my case I want to build muscle reduce fat belly to my not to eat list looks like this:

  •  No processed pastry, chocolate cookies or similar…
  •  No potato chips and similar snack, including pop corn.
  •  No sodas of any kind.
  •  No pizzas or food chain hamburguers or fried chicken.
  •  No french fries.

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Arman Ananian