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How Do You Automate Everything After You Get A New Lead?

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Okay, so I just got an online lead for my Business, now what? How do you follow up and nurture the lead?

As many of you know it’s important to strike while the iron is hot, so here you have some tips and tools on following with new leads:

Step 0: Getting you notified!! A lot of times we forget to set up this step and we respond too late(I’m guilty of this), I recommend getting notifications for your leads from at least two sources. It could be email and text, text and messenger etc. The tool to set this up could be either Zapier or IFTTT, free plans available on both!

Step 1: Thank you message/First follow up message: Here we thank them for reaching out to us and offer an immediate way to contact us. After that we let them know of what’s coming in next: value packed emails and/or offers of homes that you are listing in your area. You’ll do this with your preferred email marketing software, I use ActiveCampaign.

Step 2: Work on the follow-up sequences, I recommend creating a value sequence: if you are targeting home sellers, content that speaks to sellers(check my day 1 article for tips on content) and stuff they find helpful. In each piece of content, it’s important to always have a CTA(Call to action) and track it. For my clients when someone decides to reach out using the call to action, we move the contact to the next phase.

Step 3: Get the appointment! Nowadays moving into a digital appointment is more convenient for both you and client, we use Calendly to schedule the appointments and Zoom for the meeting itself. Tip: Always confirm  1 hour before to increase show up.

And that’s it, your machine is ready to rock and roll!! Who has something like this already set up? Are you doing something different?