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Stock Market Investing Challenge

Finally I had the time and money to start to build my money, and I decided to try the Elite Membership by Riz International for stock trades and guidance. I paid for the $29 trial for 30 days and I’ve committed $1000 into this challenge. I started today the 5th of May, so let’s see what happens!

Week 1:
Riz and Chris from the Elite Membership have been very helpful and I’m excited to place the first trades, which they’ve indicated me for my budget should be Swing trades. I’ve opened up the account with eToro and deposited the money. I’ll let you know the rest as soon as I make my first trades!

Week 2:
I invested in Ferrari, Activision, Apple… I will be posting the details here soon. The market was really down that period, you can go and see for yourself, and I really believe this was bad timing rather than bad decisions, cause all the companies selected were reliable and has a reason of moving, up or down.


Basically I am not cut for this type of investment, I have to wait for quite some time and I see that someone that took a lot of time studying the markets could totally become a beast at this, but at the moment, It’s not the path I want to take. Riz and the team very very helpful always asnwerng my questions and encouraging to just learn more, I left with a great experience, but you have to know when someone isn’t for you. Started with $1000 and ended up with $900 at the end of the day but the lessons I learned about the business and myself, made it worthwhile:
– Really research before betting on a company.

– If you can’t handle market volatility, this type of investment is not for you.

– There are other ways of investing your money, like on youself or into lending other people and getting percentages, for example.