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How Do You Automate Everything After You Get A New Lead?

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Okay, so I just got an online lead for my Business, now what? How do you follow up and nurture the lead?

As many of you know it’s important to strike while the iron is hot, so here you have some tips and tools on following with new leads:

Step 0: Getting you notified!! A lot of times we forget to set up this step and we respond too late(I’m guilty of this), I recommend getting notifications for your leads from at least two sources. It could be email and text, text and messenger etc. The tool to set this up could be either Zapier or IFTTT, free plans available on both!

Step 1: Thank you message/First follow up message: Here we thank them for reaching out to us and offer an immediate way to contact us. After that we let them know of what’s coming in next: value packed emails and/or offers of homes that you are listing in your area. You’ll do this with your preferred email marketing software, I use ActiveCampaign.

Step 2: Work on the follow-up sequences, I recommend creating a value sequence: if you are targeting home sellers, content that speaks to sellers(check my day 1 article for tips on content) and stuff they find helpful. In each piece of content, it’s important to always have a CTA(Call to action) and track it. For my clients when someone decides to reach out using the call to action, we move the contact to the next phase.

Step 3: Get the appointment! Nowadays moving into a digital appointment is more convenient for both you and client, we use Calendly to schedule the appointments and Zoom for the meeting itself. Tip: Always confirm  1 hour before to increase show up.

And that’s it, your machine is ready to rock and roll!! Who has something like this already set up? Are you doing something different?

Question: Tell Us About One Of Your Successful Campaigns, Arman

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Glad you asked, Quora!
One of my most successful campaigns was for an online course company. He had all the ingredients for success:

  • Content for COLD, WARM and HOT audiences ready from the client
  • Proven webinar funnel(with results before), this wasn’t a new product and new LP
  • Very clear target audience: a lot of times clients have an idea but they don’t have the buyers persona down to the details.

So with those three advantages, it was my turn to do the advertising magic:

  1. I set up his warm audiences so that people that were engaging with the content went these
  2. I set up retargeting campaigns with the very relevant content provided by the client
  3. We got started with the cold campaigns, and with the manual bidding strategy, we started to convert cold and warm very quickly!

The final results were as following:

Total adspend: $2756.45
Total return in course sales: $5894

So what are the takeaways?

If you are a brand/company, make sure to produce content relevant to the different steps of the customer journey and understand that if you don’t have a proven funnel, it takes time to fine-tune it.

If you are an advertiser, pay attention to building out the audiences for the clients and retarget the warm audiences frequently and keep them engaged.

And that’s it! Feel free to reach out with any advertising questions you might have!

Top 5 Apps for Productivity

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It’s a wonderful time to be productive, but also distracted, in this world of constant events going on. But throught the years I have been trying a lot of apps that have helped me improve a lot in productivity. Here is the top 5 apps I use:

5. Evernote: It is the digital notebook you can have and take anywhere with you. The tablet, the phone or the computer. And it automatically syncs your documents in the cloud so when you start writing something on the phone you can continue later on the computer or viceversa. You don’t need a specific brand of products to keep your notes(I’m looking at you Apple). You can save audio files, have different notebooks, for example “Work”, “Life” or “Ideas”. More cool stuff you can do with evernote is to Clip important content(let’s say you found a very informative ebook, article or report and you want to check it out later when you’re less busy), Evernote saves it in your account and you can access it on other devices at a later time. I personally use it for writing ideas on the go, saving great content to read later and overall thoughts I need to have somewhere written. How would you use it?

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4 . Notify Box: Bye bye distracting app notifications on your phone(or also called push notifications). Notify box allows you to collect all the spammy/promo apps(*gasp*…Wish, Amazon, Facebook) and it puts them into a “box”, which is the actual app itself. You can see what these push notifications are saying in the app and you can click to learn more about that notifications and it redirects you to the app(for example Facebook) or you can delete the notifications. But what Notify box’s magic is that it saves you from cluttering your top notifications bar with useless notifications except the stuff you really need to know about. For example in my case what goes outside this filter is: text SMS, Paypal and emails(they only show you the main tab messages so they’re the important ones usually).  I have recently hit 9999+ notifications collected and honestly it is a crazy time saver. Usually what happens is that you are maybe writing an email or text message and you get a social notification, it makes you jump to another app and you left that task unfinished. So this app avoids you lot’s of distractions!(I blocked 76000 notification from whatsapp, imagine if I only opened 1 in 10 of those if I didn’t have this app, I would lost AT least 7600 seconds in distractions!)
3. Google Calendar: Seems obvious but It can do much more than you think, trust me. For instance you can schedule recurring events and use it to create new healthy habits in your life. For example I have the following reminders: 1. Each Sunday at 8:30pm remind myself to take a look at the week that just passed and reflect back. 2. I make sure that at the beginning of each month I do a full scan of my computer to find virus, and the very common: 3. Remind myself to train. The cool thing is that you can block full chunks of hours in the calendar and then use a service like that will help you get appointments for your business and integrate them in your calendar.
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2. IFTTT: Stands for If This To That and let me tell you, it’s dope. There are unlimited possibilities, but I use it to automate things such as social media posting(every time I post on Instagram, it gets posted to Twitter and Facebook automatically), reminding myself of having to drink a glass of water, to meditate or other fun stuff like charge the phone status from silence mode to ringer If I get a missed call. Back to the point from notifications, my phone is always on silence so no sound notification can come and distract. Another important thing I’m doing, and if someone needs to really get a hold of me, it only needs to call once that IFTTT will revert back to sound notifications and I will instantly notice. In the meantime no Instagram, Whatsapp or Youtube notifications for me!
1. Insight Timer: A meditation app? Yes! I use it a couple of times a week, probably should use it more but when I meditate, I really have to, otherwise the day will go very unproductive. When I meditate, I let go of any negative feelings and I start with a clean and positive attitude. And you know I’ve tried all of them: Calm, Headspace, Simple Habit and, definitely Insight Timer is the BEST. Here are the reasons: 1. There is no paywall, you can pick  from a lot free guided meditations or just plain ambient sounds to listen and relax. 2. Community factor: Lot’s of  people use the app for free and at a given time the app shows you that there are many people meditanting with you and you can say “Thanks for meditating with me” to any of them! Pretty cool huh? 3. Stats! I meditate the most on Mondays(wonder why lol) and during the week. Never weekends, probably cause I am more relaxed usually. You will also be able to reach your own conclusions while also benefiting hugely from the practice.
Soooo Those were my top 5 apps for productivity, hope they were useful to you and hope I can see you soon.