Question: Tell Us About One Of Your Successful Campaigns, Arman

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Glad you asked, Quora!
One of my most successful campaigns was for an online course company. He had all the ingredients for success:

  • Content for COLD, WARM and HOT audiences ready from the client
  • Proven webinar funnel(with results before), this wasn’t a new product and new LP
  • Very clear target audience: a lot of times clients have an idea but they don’t have the buyers persona down to the details.

So with those three advantages, it was my turn to do the advertising magic:

  1. I set up his warm audiences so that people that were engaging with the content went these
  2. I set up retargeting campaigns with the very relevant content provided by the client
  3. We got started with the cold campaigns, and with the manual bidding strategy, we started to convert cold and warm very quickly!

The final results were as following:

Total adspend: $2756.45
Total return in course sales: $5894

So what are the takeaways?

If you are a brand/company, make sure to produce content relevant to the different steps of the customer journey and understand that if you don’t have a proven funnel, it takes time to fine-tune it.

If you are an advertiser, pay attention to building out the audiences for the clients and retarget the warm audiences frequently and keep them engaged.

And that’s it! Feel free to reach out with any advertising questions you might have!

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