Productivity and Automation to Reach 7 Figures and Beyond ft. Adam Moody YCW Podcast

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The role of automation and productivity in order to reach 7 figures or more.
  • Automating the lower value and repetitive tasks, delegate the stuff that you master and have a process for. Automate processes, not relationships.
  • The most common mistakes entrepreneurs do in terms of time management and what should they do instead.
  • The ONE ACTION that can make you self aware of where you are spending too much time and how to spend more doing what really matters.
  • … plus much more.

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

Adam’s Businesses:

Semantic Mastery
Oasis Optimization

About the guest:

Adam Moody is one of the co-founders of Semantic Mastery, a 7 figure business helping agency owners get more clients. He also is the owner of a source for productivity insights.

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